Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program

The Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion (UVED) Program is a state-wide initiative aimed at reducing the number of uninsured vehicles on our roadways. Learn more.

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Creating safer roadways across Oklahoma

The goal of the UVED Program is to leverage license plate recognition technology to ensure that all drivers have at least the minimum required amount of liability insurance, which ultimately will lead to safer roadways. This involves deploying a robust camera network across all jurisdictions in Oklahoma. While this technology produces hundreds of thousands of images, all data collected by the UVED Program is retained solely by the program, and only for as long as it’s being used as evidence of a violation; when the data is no longer needed, it is deleted or destroyed.


Fair, affordable auto insurance policies for all vehicle owners

Nationwide studies have estimated up to 26 percent of vehicles traveling on Oklahoma roads are uninsured, and due to revenue challenges, individual law enforcement agencies and district attorneys find it difficult to enforce Oklahoma’s Compulsory Insurance Law in an efficient manner.  The UVED program is committed to helping facilitate access to fair and affordable auto insurance for all Oklahomans, to ensure vehicle owners are in compliance with the law and to make roadways safer for everyone.

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